‚ÄčOur goal is to promote the awareness and practice of horticulture, civil beautification, environmental protection and friendship.

The Pleasantville Garden Club was founded in March of 1975 as an offshoot of the Pleasantville Environmental Program that initiated the Pleasantville Recycling Program. Members felt there was a need for town beautification and gardening. As the club moves forward it continues to strive to meet the original objectives of learning, growing and working together to keep our towns and gardens beautiful.

In addition to the specific objectives detailed below, we meet monthly to discuss innovations in horticulture, gardening techniques and related subjects. We also enjoy tours and trips to nurseries and notable gardens, and in the summer months we visit members' gardens, to enjoy the range of style, practices and landscapes in our area.

Our projects and activities include

* Establishing and maintaining beautification projects throughout the Mount Pleasant community

* Holding our celebrated annual spring plant sale each May

* Working with school children to teach them hands-on gardening

* Funding workshops offered by the Science Barge at Yonkers to three Middle Schools

* Decorating holiday wreaths which are displayed at the Pleasantville gazebo each December

* Educating both our members and the community to help protect natural resources and our environment

* Producing programs for broadcast at Pleasantville TV, to be found at http://www.pctv76.org/?