​​ Dear Neighbor,

The Pleasantville Garden Club, in partnership with the Village of Pleasantville and the Town of Mount Pleasant, is promoting the Double Red Knockout Rose as the signature flower for our town. Our hope is that the masses of red blossoms will make a beautiful and welcoming   impact,  enhancing the warmth and pleasant charm of our home communities. 

We have launched a campaign to encourage our residents and municipalities to plant the  Double Red Knockout Rose in their gardens, on roadsides, along fences and in planters, to beautify our town. The red roses will, over time, become a distinguishing feature of our neighborhoods.

The Red Knockout Rose is disease resistant and easy to care for. It blooms from June to frost and is particularly striking, whether planted singularly, in a border or in groups. It is easy to grow and maintain, is disease resistant, can be pruned and shaped, and its rich red color makes it easily identifiable. 

The goal is to increase the visibility of the Red
Double Knockout Rose throughout the town of Mount Pleasant. Please join in and plant the Double Red Knockout Rose in your garden.