May 1 - May 30, 2017 
The roses will be available at the Valhalla Garden Center
601 Columbus Ave, Valhalla
at discounted prices:

One Double Red Knockout Rose

One 2 gal pot @ $22 each 
Three or four 2 gal. pots @ $20.00 each
Five 2 gal. pots @ $90.00


​​ Dear Neighbor,

The Pleasantville Garden Club is promoting the Double Red Knockout Rose as the signature   flower for our towns. Our hope is that the beauty of red blossoms will make a welcoming   impact,  enhancing the warmth and pleasant charm of our home communities. 

 We are launching a campaign to encourage our residents and municipalities to plant the  Double  Red Knockout Rose in their gardens, along fences and in planters to beautify our town.   The red roses will, over time, become a distinguishing feature of our neighborhoods.

The Red Knockout Rose blooms from June to frost and is particularly striking, whether planted singularly, in a border or in groups. It is easy to grow and maintain, is disease resistant, can be pruned and shaped, and its rich red color makes it easily identifiable. 

To promote the Rose Project, roses will be available at our

Annual Plant Sale on Saturday, May 13, from 8AM to noon at the Pleasantville Gazebo

Also the Valhalla Garden Center is partnering with the Pleasantville Garden Club to make the Double Red Knockout Rose available at a discount to encourage participation in this beautification effort.​​

April 1 – 20, 2017


Roses may be pre-ordered from 4/1 - 20

Pre orders for Double Red Knockout Rose:
2 gal. pot @ $19.00 each
or five 2 gal. pots @ $90.00 

Payment is made at time of pickup at:

Valhalla Garden Center

601 Columbus Avenue, Valhalla

after May 1st.

Send your order, including name, address and phone number, to:

Indicate the number of Double Knockout Roses in 2 gal. pots you wish to order and the total price. Your order will be confirmed.