My chionanthus virginicus - white fringe tree - is now three years old and looking fabulous each spring. Elsbeth L.

This fall my husband built this cold frame. This structure will help to extend the growing season for peas, arugula, parsley etc.,  and to help keep out the critters!!!! Mary H.

Now is the perfect time to consider an option for beautiful, colorful fall flowers. In a section of my garden I have Montauk Daisies and Blue Asters. When most summer blooming flowers are gone this section is still alive with flowers.Valerie B.

The director of Westmoreland Sanctuary, Steve Ricker, told me about building a bush pile for the birds and putting it near our bird feeder. When the birds have to hide from a predator they can hop right in instead of risking flying far. It was fun to build from all the fallen branches on our property and it's been fun to watch the birds and little critters dashing in and out.GG